It's Time To Get Involved

God has placed us here together for such a time as this when we can make a difference for the kingdom in a unique way.  You've been gifted in a unique way and our hope is you'll use those skills/talents/gifts to serve the Lord.  Prayerfully consider the many opportunities below that you could get involved in. 

Start A New Ministry?

If you don't find your fit among the many options below, we recognize that each part of the body is created unique.  If you're feeling called by God to start up a new ministry to help our church better Love God and Love People then Pastor Ralph would love to hear from you about what God is calling you to start!

Start a New Ministry

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Deliver Meals to Elderly

Drive to the homes of elderly or shut-ins and bring them meals. It would give the volunteer the privilege to pray for the individual.

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Data Entry

LINC Community Center is federally mandated to enter LINC client information into an agency database. There are also filing, typing, copying, and other administrative duties available.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

If you haven't identified how you're spiritually gifted, take this survey below to assist you in discovering how you're gifted!

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Basic Life Skills Mentors

Mentor others in basic life skills such as job development, parenting, budgeting, meal planning and prep, and tutoring.

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Adult SS Apprentice Leader

In order to start new groups to promote growth, we need new leaders. The best way to learn to be a leader is by learning from an existing leader. As an apprentice you’ll begin to help with teaching responsibilities as you become more comfortable...

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Adult SS Outreach Leader

As an Outreach leader your main focus in to keep your group focused on reaching people. We naturally become inwardly focused and stop reaching people if no one helps us stay on target. You will work with the group leader to ensure reaching lost...

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Adult SS Attendance Taker

In Sunday School some don’t understand why keeping records of attendance is important but it’s vital because it allows us to keep track of members of the group so they don’t fall through the cracks and also ensures we have information on visitors...

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Adult SS Connection Builder

When you go to a new church and know no one it can be very difficult to feel welcome and included. You enter a classroom where everyone knows everybody, they know all the inside jokes, how the class runs, where people sit, the things you’ve been...

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Adult SS Prospect List Organizer

If we’re serious about reaching people, we must pray for specific people. Someone who serves in this capacity helps keep the focus on specific people in the Sunday school class’ lives that need to be reached for Christ. Creating and maintain a...

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