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We are regularly asked about the family who once worked in Central Asia but 2 years ago moved to the Netherlands for medical reasons. They are settled in well and have been working on Dutch and will continue to do so for one more year before moving on to the heart language of their new people group. Their 2 children are doing well in Dutch school and are picking up the language quickly.  They are even able to correct mom and dad pretty regularly. The family participates in a church where the Word is preached in the heart language of their new people group, and the church is focused on reaching their people group. Though their focus is to share the Good News with their people group, they need to work to have a visa. They would appreciate your prayers for their visa to be renewed without any issues. They are also expecting their third child any day now, please pray for a quick delivery.  I know some of you would like more details but for their security, we can't disclose much in this format.  If you'd like to know more, you can be added to their email list so you can get regular updates.  Reach out to Glen to be added -


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