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Adult Sunday School is the primary ministry of our church focusing on engaging all adults in discipleship. As part of our call to make disciples the focus of the ministry is on Reaching People for Christ, Teaching the Word, and Ministering to Others. 


When you go to a new church and know no one, it can be very difficult to feel welcome and included. You enter a classroom where everyone knows everybody, they know all the inside jokes, how the class runs, where people sit, the things you’ve been praying for over the course of months.  A connection builder in Adult SS helps a new person navigate the waters of not knowing everything or everyone.  Helping them to feel a connection by informing them of how you do things and welcoming them by helping them get to know others.

Skills/Gifts Needed

A faithful attender who is relationally outgoing, friendly, has an awareness of things that a new person wouldn’t understand or know, and a willingness to share with them so they feel included. It’s an ongoing and weekly opportunity to serve in your Sunday School class.

To Get Involved

If you’re already engaged in Sunday School, the best place to start is by talking with your current Sunday School leader. If you’re not engaged in Sunday School or just have more questions, please contact Jeremy Shirley at 636-327-8696 or



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God has placed us here together for such a time as this when we can make a difference for the kingdom in a unique way.  You've been gifted in a unique way and our hope is you'll use those skills/talents/gifts to serve the Lord.  Prayerfully consider the many opportunities below that you could get involved in. 

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If you don't find your fit among the many options below, we recognize that each part of the body is created unique.  If you're feeling called by God to start up a new ministry to help our church better Love God and Love People then Pastor Ralph would love to hear from you about what God is calling you to start!

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