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Food Pantry Drivers

12.03.16 | Volunteer | In The Community | by Kathy Thompson


    Feel rewarded and used by Christ as you make it possible for the Food Pantry to have the necessary food to provide to those with need in the community. 

    Need and Opportunity

    Driver volunteers need to pick up food from various spots such as the Food bank and local retailers to gather items donated to the pantry. Duties are driving, carrying loads to the vehicle and then carrying them into the building 

    Who is served

    The HOPE team has been serving as an emergency food and support service since 2004 in our local tri-county community to all ages, seasons of life and individual needs. Many just need a buddy or cheerleader to remind them of who they need to be seeking first above all of the other issues of life that are clamoring for their attention. 


    Be optimistic/faith in God
    Be authentic/real
    Good driving record
    Flexible around your schedule
    Compassionate and servant heart 

    When needed

    Ongoing and weekly duties for drivers picking up loads of food for the food pantry.  Volunteers are needed for weekly pickups. 

    To Get Involved

    Contact team leader Kathy Thompson at or call 636-332-5127 x222. We would love for you to take that step to be part of a team that strives to change our life at a time! Jer. 29:11