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Death Prevention Warming Station

12.03.16 | Volunteer | In The Community | by Kathy Thompson


    Feel rewarded and used by Christ as you serve with a purpose to hurting individuals and families who need a place to stay warm. 

    Need and Opportunity

    Help with death prevention warming station for the homeless in our community by volunteering at the church when temperatures are 20 degrees or below (designated dates in January and February). Volunteers would be on watch throughout the night to ensure the homeless guests have everything they need for a warm respite from the freezing temperatures outside. Setting up cots, keeping bathroom and snack supplies stocked and packing everything up the following morning.

    Who is served

    Homeless individuals looking for a place to stay warm overnight during the months of January or February when risk of death is most common.


    Be optimistic/faith in God
    Be authentic/real
    Apply Scripture that helps you
    Flexible around your schedule
    Compassionate and servant heart 

    When needed

    A team of volunteers is needed on standby for every other week during the months of January and February.  Anytime the temperature drops to 20 degrees or below overnight we'll be called upon to staff the overnight warming station.


    Volunteers can decide if they want to serve in an ongoing or onetime capacity 

    To Get Involved

    Contact team leader Kathy Thompson at or call 636-332-5127 x222. We would love for you to take that step to be part of a team that strives to change our life at a time! Jer. 29:11