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    WAM Volunteers

    04.03.17 | Volunteer | Children | At FBCW | by Grant Jessen

    WAM provides opportunities for people to serve as music teachers, drama teachers, dance teachers, sign language teachers, instrument teachers, art teachers, secretaries, class helpers, setup helpers, set builders, costumes, props, event planners...

      LIstener/Table Representative

      03.18.17 | Volunteer | by April Crahen

      Volunteers are needed to man the table on Sunday mornings. Volunteers who man the table will assist in signing up new members, assisting those who have memorized their verses mark the calendar and receive their reward and listen to participants...

        Graphic Design

        01.27.17 | Volunteer | At FBCW | by Jeremy Shirley

        The days of clip art and hand written flyers are past. We need people that have the requisite skills to be able to design graphics/logos/flyers and other special communication items to insure that when people are invited to ministry opportunities...

          Blog Writer

          01.27.17 | Volunteer | At FBCW | In The Community | by Jeremy Shirley

          Each week we post a blog entry: a new ministry highlight, ministry recap, or Christian living post. We need people who are quality writers that can help fill gaps in the schedule. You just need to be able to write between 400-900 words and have...

            Blog Planning Team

            01.27.17 | Volunteer | At FBCW | by Jeremy Shirley

            Each month we need to create a schedule for the blog for the coming month. That means we need idea people that can come up with concepts for blogs, think of people that can write for the blog, and then to contact them and see if they’re...

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