Upward Cheerleading

Cheerleading is a huge part of sporting events at all levels of play.  Under the watchful eye of trusted coaches, squads will learn creative cheers and basic routines throughout the season, all while providing excitement and energy on the court come game day!  FBCW has been partnering with Upward Sports since 2009 to host a winter cheerleading league alongside our basketball league that offers an extended, multi-month opportunity for team-building, player development, and the formation of deep relationships between teammates and coaches.  When athletes need encouragement and fans need entertainment, Upward cheerleaders can take the game-day experience to another level!

Click below to see how COVID-19 is affecting our season and what we're doing to protect you and your child

COVID Modifications

Here are some important dates and pieces of information that you need to know…


Due to COVID, our league capacity will be reduced this season, limited to 40 cheerleaders.  Ages include Kindergarten (age 5) through 12th grade.  Typical divisions are K5, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 7th/8th and 9th-12th, though actual divisions will be created based on registrations for each age group.

Age divisions are limited to a specific number of teams, and once those teams are full, registrations for that age group will be placed on a wait list.  We will only be able to process kids off the waitlist in a full division if we have another division that did not fill up. 


The cost for Cheerleading is $75.00 through October 5.

Registration for our 2021 season opens September 7 and ends October 5, 2020.


Scholarships are available on request.  Please contact Sherri Harris or Jason Meinershagen at or 636-327-8696 ext. 260 for scholarship questions and assistance.

Optional items available for purchase are:

  • Mock Turtlenecks - $17.00

Cheerleading Orientations

Due to COVID, cheerleaders do not need to attend orientation this year.

 Practices & Games

  • Practices are scheduled to begin during the week of December 7, 2020.
  • Practices are 60 minutes on just one night of the week.
  • Games are played on Saturdays.
  • Games are limited to about an hour each week and are scheduled to start January 9, 2021.

For any questions regarding Upward Cheerleading please contact Sherri Harris or Jason Meinershagen at or 636-327-8696 x 260.

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