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Go Forward! We are ambassadors for Christ

Acts 1:8 tells us that we are to be witnesses for Christ here and around the world. Have you ever wanted to travel the world, try different foods and meet different people? Some of you would really enjoy such a trip, while others may think in the world we live in today; I do not want to go too far from home. The Bible does not give us a choice, we are to go and tell. Our new missions program is coming directly out of Mission Zone. For the past ten years we have been experiencing our world on Wednesday nights in the summer. We have learned about our missionaries by DVD, eaten the food of the country, and learned about their location.

It is time to expand Mission Zone and put hands and feet to the children’s learning experience. Missions does not mean you have to be outgoing to accomplish things for Christ, but it does mean that we find the things we are good at and use our talents to share the love of Jesus. We would like to see the children doing more than just getting the facts. Mission Zone will now be the united programs of Royal Ambassadors for boys and Girls in Action for girls, grades 1-6. RA’s and GA’s is a Southern Baptist Missions organization that began at the time of Annie Armstrong, 1908. Both groups will be meeting Sunday nights from 5 to 6p.m. If we do a joint project it will be under the title of “Mission Zone”.

Every week the boys will start with their pledge and then work on their exercise patch. Then we will have our Bible/Mission lesson. Once a month we will have our “Trek” lesson where we will play special games and do projects that will help us be better missionaries. They will also be made aware of special events that will earn patches for items like, “World Hunger” studies and just for fun events like, RA Racers. There will also be projects that will help in our understanding of manhood, knot tying, camp outs and nature hikes. All of these activities will have a biblical lesson and a lesson on how we can use this to spread the gospel. They will be given a vest that will show their rank and accomplishments.

The girls will also follow a similar format. They will start with their pledge and song followed by their Bible/Missions study. Once a month they will do their “Journey” patches. They can earn 8 patches in their first year by attending and participating in the monthly Journey meetings. They too will be given a vest to place their accomplishments. They will join the boys on Mission Zone activities, such as the canned food drive for HOPE. They will also have a chance to do hands on missions in Wentzville and possibly beyond.

Each month we will be learning about a missionary in one country. We will see how their lives match up with Bible stories and how we should be on mission where we are. They will be challenged to earn special badges or patches for their vest. It will be up to each child to earn their rank and special patches or badges.

We will be opening Mission Friends to our preschoolers. I personally believe that it was during mission friends that I have my first memories of hearing the gospel and attending church. This time with the children will be a great time of learning about Jesus while having a great hour of fun.

I am looking forward to what God will do in this expanded ministry. Come and join us, be a missionary and bring a friend.

By Pastor Jason Hoke


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