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VBS 2018 Recap

Locker Talk
“I’ve got joy down in my heart.  Deep, deep down in my heart. . .”  Alright, so our athletes didn’t learn that song this year, but it might have been what the kids and volunteers were singing after Family Night!  There were 130 children who participated in our Family night festivities.  A total of 310 people stayed for the closing night. We had a great time celebrating all that was accomplished during the week.

Game Plan
Great job!  This year’s pennies were a success because they made it their goal to search them out and bring them in.  Because of their hard work, and a little good competition, we are going to be able to help missionaries around the world have clean drinking water.  It is amazing what one penny, or two, or three, or more, can do.  Thank you! Way to get in the game!

This year’s goal was 100,000 pennies. 

Girls                $436.94
Boys                $432.93

TOTAL            $869.87

Goal:  86,987 pennies brought this week!
Friday night’s addition put it over $900.00

Missions rooms and Big Top Missions

The kids collected over 1,000 water bottles for Linc’s summer lunch program and the youth collected $643.45 for Under the Same Tree missions organization.

Bulletin Board:

Bible Study:  We offer Bible Study each Sunday morning at 9:30 in Sunday school. You don’t want to miss it. 

This week we will be sending out 16 letters to parents of children who prayed to receive Christ as Savior.  Most of the children have had a one on one time with a teacher already. 

Recreation: Ga-Ga ball to be continued at several youth and children’s events throughout the year. We will also be offering Upward soccer and basketball this year to keep kids active and spiritually fed.

Missions: This year we will continue missions through Mission Zone during the summer and again in the fall on Sunday nights at 5p.m.  “Pure Water, Pure Love” is a part of our ongoing mission projects.

Music: Our Worship Arts Ministry will begin in September on Wednesday nights.  Those of you who liked music and crafts will not want to miss this. 

Gear Up! Get Ready! Game On!

This is it!  This week we learned about: The parable of the lost sheep, Lazarus being raised from the dead, Thomas’s doubt about Jesus, Jesus shows us love, and Jesus was willing to die for us so we can have joy.

Weekly Stats Enrolled:

Children            254
Youth                101
Adults               108  
TOTAL              463

Of the 300 enrolled, 75% of the children identified themselves as not a part of our church.  This means we have a lot of follow up with families.  If you would like to follow up with some of these families, contact your Sunday School teacher for information.

Big Top VBS!

"Big Top VBS- The youth had a great week, despite the ever-changing weather, and enjoyed our annual week long competition in a field and under a tent. We were blessed to have a great band and speakers through the week to lead our group in worship and to share the gospel with our students each night. Congratulations to the Pink Team for taking home the win, a shout out to all of the students who attended and invited their friends, and a big thank you to all of our adults who volunteered their week to make the event happen!" –Alec

His divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness through the knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.
2 Peter 1:3


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     About a month ago I was traveling eastbound on I-70.  Ahead I could see the flashing lights of a car in the middle lane.  As I quickly approached, I could see that a car was stopped and in need of assistance.  I pulled off the highway and called the highway patrol.  They asked what the problem was and then asked my location.  I was able to tell them the mile marker and the direction of traffic.  Within minutes the safety vehicles were coming to the scene.   

    Milestones in life are like highway mile markers.  They are moments in time when we move from one stage in life to the next.  I still remember the ”ah ha” moment of tying my shoes for the first time.  I understood and did not have to go back to learn again.  This past winter my oldest child is about to hit the graduation milestone.  This is happening as my youngest just passed one of her own milestones, a driver’s permit.  With my youngest, I literally had to let go of the wheel and let her take control of the car.  Now the test begins.  Did I do enough to teach her what she needs to know to drive a car? 

    The same question should be asked of our children when it comes to their eternal life.  Did I teach her enough for her to understand salvation?  I cannot give anyone salvation.  However, I can provide a solid foundation and look for the milestones.  Yes, our spiritual life has milestones.   

    There are several questions that often arise when seeing the first markers.  They see others going forward in church and they want to as well, they begin to ask about baptism, or they feel left out of the Lord’s Supper.  These are not times to give in and let them participate without understanding.  This is a time to help them with answering questions.  What markers must they understand to have salvation? 

    Mile Marker  1:  They must understand that God is perfect. He made everything good, but man broke it when he disobeyed.  Children can see this early because there are a lot of things that make us sad or mad reminding us that we live in a broken world.  One bad egg in a large omelet destroys the whole.*  No matter how good we are we cannot be perfect if we have sinned.  God must be perfect and we are now separated from Him.     

    Mile Marker 2: They must understand they have sin and this keeps them from God.  Romans 6:23 says that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.   I will ask the question, “If I say I will pay you to clean your room and you do it, what do you expect?”  They usually say the amount you told me.  But if you don’t clean the room what do you get?  “Nothing.”  That is what wages are.  You get paid for doing something.  In this case, we get paid for doing wrong.  The payment is separation from God.  All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23.  It is not just a problem with Adam and Eve. 

    I have to look for times when she is not only sorry for getting caught, but is she remorseful of sin and what it has done with her relationship with God and others?  It is at this time I ask her, what are sins that people do?  Then I ask for two examples of things she has done that are against what God has told us to do.  If she can name some we move on.  If she cannot, we wait for her.  If she understands I want to give her hope in Marker 3.   

    Mile Marker  3Jesus is God and came to earth as a man.  He lived a perfect life, died to save us from our sins, was buried and raised on the third day.  He alone can provide the gift of salvation.  Jesus came to teach us how to live and He came to be the sacrifice needed to have our sins forgiven.  To accept this gift, He said we must admit our sins, and ask for forgiveness.  We must believe that Jesus is God and He came as a man to live a perfect life.  He died for our sins, was buried, and rose to life again on the third day.  This is a gift presented to each person.  The question is, will we take it?  With a gift you have to take it and make it yours. You have to own it.  The only price is He must be accepted as Lord or boss of your whole life.  The Bible tells us that few will choose eternal life.  Most people want to be their own boss.  

    Mile Marker 4: Only you can make Jesus Lord and Savior.  This choice is between God and the child.  Our job is to get everyone to this mile marker and pray that the decision to accept is made.  We are to make sure the offer of this good news is given and an invitation is extended.  

    Mile Marker 5: Then for those who accept, the first command is to be baptized showing all that you have placed your trust in Jesus for your salvation.  It also demonstrates that you have been buried with Christ and are raised to walk in the newness of life. 

I use the” God’s Special Plan” booklet from the North American Mission Board for follow up. 

*Evangelism explosion illustrations 



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